Our Disclaimer for Informed Decision-Making

Read our disclaimer to understand the limitations of liability and the terms under which we provide information and services. This section clarifies the scope of our responsibilities and helps manage expectations regarding the use of our products and services.


In response to request/orders received, Allied Market Research (AMR) provides strategic business/market analysis services to a select group of customers who are limited to publications containing valuable market information. The publication is solely for our customers’ internal use. It is acknowledged by our customer, by placing the order that no part of this strategic business/market analysis service is for general publication or disclosure to the third party.

AMR doesn’t make any warranty for the accuracy of the data as these are primarily based on interviews and, therefore, liable for fluctuation. Also, AMR doesn’t take responsibility for incorrect information supplied by manufacturers or users.

Any resale, lending, disclosure, or reproduction of this publication can only be made with prior written permission from AMR.

Transmission and/or reproduction of this document by any means or in any form (includes photocopying, mechanical, electronic, recording, or otherwise) are prohibited without the permission of AMR.

Your call may be recorded (domestic, international, landline, Skype, or GoToMeeting) for training and quality purposes.